Psychosis Intervention & Early Recovery (PIER) Team

The aim of our service is to help people (aged 14 to 64 years) who have experienced a first episode of psychosis to recover, to manage any ongoing difficulties, and to minimise the chance of potential relapse. We also offer support to families.

The Psychosis Intervention and Early Recovery (PIER) Team has been established to take referrals for service users up to the age of 64 who are considered to be experiencing the first episode of a psychotic illness (excluding organic conditions).



Referral criteria

Those who would be considered to meet the criteria for Mental Health Care Cluster 10, likely diagnoses for which include (F20-F29) schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders, and bi-polar disorder with psychotic symptoms. Service users will usually have presented to services for the first time and will either have not received treatment previously, or not for any significant duration.

Referral forms can be found on the PRISM system or please contact the team on 0116 294 3167.

Criteria exclusion

None stated.

How to access this service

Access is by referral.



What conditions do you cover

First episode psychosis.



Contact info

0116 294 3167


  • early intervention Services
  • GP
  • LPT healthcare professional
  • consultant psychiatrist
  • healthcare professional
  • inpatient service
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