We have one off activities as well as ongoing pieces of work. Please also view our most recent Patient Experience and Involvement Newsletter for  more details on our latest Involvement Opportunities which can be found on this page (click on the links below)

  • providing feedback on decisions made about your care and treatment
  • attending  patient focus groups
  • becoming involved in Quality Improvement Projects
  • providing a Patient Perspective on staff recruitment panels
  • becoming a Lived Experience Partner
  • attending our Patient Leadership Programme
  • attending in house training and development workshops
  • providing feedback through surveys and questionnaires
  • attending walk and talk groups every two weeks
  • attending our Introduction to Involvement workshops
  • becoming involved in LPT’s  Learning Disability Improvement Programme
  • joining our Peoples Council
  • becoming involved in virtual research opportunities
  • become a 15 Steps patient assessor
  • become a PLACE patient assessor
  • become a Staff PLACE assessor
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