Reviewed 13/07/2021, updated 13/07/2021

What do the lifting of Government restrictions mean for the NHS and our Trust?

This week the Government announced their intention to lift most of the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place in the community from Monday 19 July.

The pandemic is not over. Cases across the UK are currently rising, as are hospitalisations. The UK Government have shared that cases, hospitalisations and, sadly, deaths, will rise further as society and the economy reopen.

Vigilance must be maintained and we must all act carefully to manage the risks to ourselves and others.

It is important for everyone to know that the guidance for healthcare settings is not the same as it is for our outside, social or home lives. NHS England provides the guidance we work to in a healthcare setting, whereas the Government provides the guidance for the general public. The primary difference is that in a healthcare setting we will be caring for vulnerable and unwell people in close contact. Because of this, it is our responsibility as health and care professionals to keep everyone safe, and that includes visitors abiding by our rules when they come into our sites.

Until further notice, there is no change to mask-wearing, social distancing including room/site capacity, PPE, hand washing, and other infection prevention and control measures while working at or visiting (including students and suppliers) our Trust. Our buildings will continue to follow our current covid-secure guidelines.

This means that the following measures will remain in place at our Trust to protect ourselves and our patients: 

  • Visiting restrictions as outlined on our website
  • Wearing facemasks and other PPE as required
  • Maintaining social distancing

We will continue to update you when the situation and guidance for healthcare settings changes.

Finally, the single most crucial thing we can all do is ensure everyone is vaccinated, to continue to protect themselves and others. Evidence shows that vaccines reduce hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated. Find out more about booking at local vaccination sites here

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) has established major incident procedures to best coordinate our response to issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have responded to the incident in various ways:

  • setting up new services and wards when needed to best meet expected surges in demand
  • altering the way we deliver services to minimise face-to-face contact and group based activities
  • adjusting our approach to patient contact in line with guidance on isolation and protective approaches

Information for the public is available at and below:


Please use the tabs on the left, or click below to navigate through the different sections:

Support for your mental health

Temporary service changes and closures

Temporary visiting restrictions

Easy read, signed (BSL) and translated information

Covid-19: Face coverings guidance for the public

Covid-19: Vaccinations programme


Using a self-test swab? Watch the video below:

One Prepared: new local information hub for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland
The NHS, local councils, police and other bodies have jointly worked on a new local information hub for Covid-19.  The website guides the public to the official sources of information, help and advice. To visit the site go to:

Support for your emotional wellbeing
We recognise the emotional burden the current unprecedented changes to daily life can potentially exert. Please check our Emotional Support page for information about local and national sources of support for your mental wellbeing. We will update and expand this regularly.

Support for your physical wellbeing
The coronavirus crisis is unprecedented in modern times. Physical activity matters during this period and, actually, we think it’s more important than ever right now. We want to do everything that we can to support people to get and stay active, provided they are well enough.

Check out this video from our physiotherapists on exercises to help you stay active at home. 

Leicestershire and Rutland Sport’s (LRS) Healthy At Home webpage hosts a range of resources, links, hints and tips to support people stay active at home.

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