Almost one-in-three of people with learning disabilities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, have not had their annual health check in the last year. As part of Learning Disability Week (20 – 26 June), Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) is encouraging people to get their annual health check booked soon.

Anyone with a learning disability, who is aged 14 or over, should be offered a health check every year. They usually take place in doctor’s surgeries and last around 45 minutes. People can be accompanied during the health check by a relative, friend, carer or support worker and you can request additional support, including flexible appointments and help with language.

Laura Smith, Service Group Manager at LPT, said:

“People with learning disabilities should be invited by their GP to attend an annual health check, but for a number of reasons, they don’t always happen. Unfortunately, people with learning disabilities are at an increased risk of certain health conditions, so it’s vital for your health and wellbeing that you do have one. The annual health check is a highly effective way to spot health issues early, so the right treatment can be prescribed, if needed.

“The doctor or nurse will examine you and talk to you about how you’re feeling. Even if you are feeling well at the moment, it’s always best to check with a medical expert. And if you find it difficult to get to your GP surgery or if you’re worried about seeing someone, please do talk to your doctor so that they can try to accommodate your needs.”

To arrange your annual health check please contact your GP. More information about annual health checks and how you can prepare for yours is available here and in this easy-read booklet.