There are many ways that you could get involved in working with us to help us make our services better and make sure they are designed around the needs of our patients and service users and their carers.

If you have used our services, and would like to get involved you could:

• If you are a user one of our services, look out for posters or social media about opportunities to get involved or ask a member of staff about how you can help.

• Join our Trust Membership mailing list to be kept informed about opportunities

• Tell us the story of your experience of your care or of someone you care for. Patient stories are a way of gaining valuable feedback from patients and carers about the quality of care we provide. If you would be willing to share your feedback in this way please discuss this with the staff providing your care and treatment or contact our PALS team.

• Become a LPT Volunteer

• Follow @LPTpatientexp on Twitter to keep up to date with involvement opportunities