Due to a recent increase in the number of people in our communities with a Covid-19 infection, from Friday 6 October, we are asking all staff and visitors to wear fluid resistant surgical masks (FRSMs) in all our clinical areas.

These clinical areas include all in-patient wards and outpatient areas (including clinic rooms and patient waiting areas).

Staff will also be wearing FRSMs in family and community hubs, care homes and when visiting patients in their own home.

All visitors and outpatients in our clinical areas will be expected to wear a mask, unless they are exempt.

In our non-clinical areas mask-wearing is not essential but we support staff and visitors who choose to wear a mask in all settings. Our non-clinical areas include toilets and corridors that are not on inpatient wards, and LPT training buildings unless you are advised to wear one.

Patients will be offered a mask if they are severely immunosuppressed, are known to have Covid-19 or are symptomatic, or if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 on the ward.

We would like to reassure you that total numbers of staff and patient Covid-positive cases remain low. We have taken this preventative action to ensure patient and staff safety, our number one priority. We will be regularly monitoring and reviewing this decision.

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