Service description

This service is for adults registered with a GP in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland who require rehabilitation to support return of function and wellbeing to achieve the best health outcome.

Referral criteria

Referral criteria:

The Community Integrated Neurology and Stroke Service is for adults over 18 who have a Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland GP and have a confirmed neurological/stroke diagnosis or are under investigation by a Neurologist or Stroke Physician. Patients must have a current rehabilitation need directly attributed to their neurological condition and require specialist neurological intervention/rehabilitation.

If you require input from this service you should speak to your GP or a health or social care professional involved in your care who can make the referral. Once the team receive the referral it will be reviewed by a clinician and allocated to the most appropriate waiting list. You will then receive a letter to confirm your referral has been accepted and that you are awaiting an assessment from the team.

If you have previously received input from CINSS and your needs have changed as a result of your neurological diagnosis, please call 0116 295 3309 to self-refer yourself to the team.

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

Please contact the service when you receive your letter to advise us if you need an interpreter – one can then be arranged to attend your appointment. Furthermore, we can give you information on disabled access and support for any other communication difficulty or concern you may have with accessing our service.

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