(Monday 25 May 2020)

Over the 25 May bank holiday weekend LPT will be providing the level of cover normally available on a bank holiday and weekend with some additional capacity as part of our overall COVID response. These arrangements reflect those in place for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

All services will operate in line with arrangements to support social distancing; this means some services will operate via non-face to face contacts where this is safe to provide the intervention required. Face to face contact will be undertaken where clinically indicated post-triage. This is to keep both service users and staff safe.

Community Health Services

Services running as usual:

  • Inpatient Wards
  • Core Nursing
  • Home First
  • Single Point of Access
  • Phlebotomy urgent referrals
  • Palliative Care Services

In addition the following additional cover will be provided:

  • Community Stroke and Neuro service
  • SALT (limited support)
  • Heart Failure and Respiratory Service

Mental Health

Services running as usual:

  • Inpatient wards
  • Crisis and Home Treatment Team
  • MH triage team in ED
  • Triage Car
  • Liaison and Diversion team
  • Central Access Point 24/7
  • MH Urgent Assessment Hub (BMHU)
  • Assertive Outreach Service

Families, Young People and Children’s Services and Learning Disabilities Services

Services running as usual:

  • Inpatient services – Langley Ward (Adult ED), Bosworth Ward (CAMHS – was Ward 3) and Agnes Unit (LD)
  • CAMHS Crisis linked with MH Urgent Assessment Hub
  • Diana Service (will take additional cases from UHL on request)
  • LD Outreach working 8am to 8pm over the Bank Holiday weekend.

All services have their normal on call arrangements and with additional operational COVID support to ensure resilience.

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