We are committed to our Trust being an organisation free from discrimination, where all staff can reach their full potential and play their part in creating high quality, compassionate care and wellbeing for all.

We have reviewed and refreshed our Zero Tolerance (ZT) Campaign alongside colleagues across the Trust, to ensure we are absolutely clear on how staff can enforce our Zero Tolerance approach and how staff will be supported. The campaign aims to reduce and minimise abuse and violence of any kind – including hate incidents, such as racism, disablism, homophobia or any discrimination experienced by our staff from service users, patients or the public.


Together Against Racism

Our Trust is committed to being ‘Together Against Racism’. We acknowledge that racism and discrimination exist – and are cohesively taking action to tackle them together. Our Together Against Racism programme is about the actions we take to challenge ourselves and others, as well as organisations, cultures and communities about unequal and discriminatory behaviours, structures, and attitudes.

Our vision is to create an environment where our staff can feel comfortable to bring their whole authentic self to work and believe and feel they will be supported in what they want to achieve. It is important to see people first because people matter. We want our culture to reflect this for our staff, service users and wider population.

Read more about our journey so far and the commitments we are now focusing on in this short booklet.

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