Peer Support

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) is recruiting people with lived experience of mental health as dedicated Peer Support Worker.

This new role supporting services users is just one of the improvements LPT is introducing as part of its transformation of its mental health services.

The Peer Support Workers will use their personal experiences of mental health challenges in local services to bring hope to current service users. Peer Support Workers empower individuals to take control of their own recovery journey and taking steps to towards building the life they want.


What is a Peer Support Worker?

A Peer Support Worker is someone who has their own experience of mental health challenges and who usually has received support from secondary mental health services. Peer Support Workers bring their own unique perspectives on recovery, and what it takes to live with mental health challenges.

This personal experience can help others on their recovery journey, through promoting hope, providing support based on similar experiences and mutual learning. Peer Workers are recruited because of their journey, experiences and their passion to support others.

A Peer Support Worker is;

• A person with lived experience of mental health challenges

• Someone who is employed specifically as a result based of skills and knowledge gained through their lived experience

• An individual who is passionate about motivating, inspiring and encouraging others to believe in their own potential and their own strengths

• Someone who is a valuable part of the multi-disciplinary team, committed to supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing

• Someone who works collaboratively allowing the individual to take control of their own recovery journey

• Someone who does not judge or make assumptions about a person and their experiences


Would you like to know more about the role?

If you would like to know more about the role, then take a look at our video, ‘Peer Support Workers in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’;



How do I become a Peer Support Worker?

To become a Peer Support Worker, you will be required to complete the Peer Support Worker Training. During the training you will learn the principles of Peer Support, and how to apply these to the role of a Peer Support Worker.

This training course is delivered by a team of trainers from our Recovery College and is currently being delivered online using the platform Microsoft Teams.

Once you have been informed that you have successfully completed the training and demonstrated your understanding of Peer Support, you can apply for Peer Support Worker job roles that are advertised within LPT and elsewhere. 

Peer Support Worker job roles/vacancies are advertised regularly via Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust website and NHS jobs . These roles are open to anyone who has completed the Peer Support Worker training (or equivalent through LPT or elsewhere).

LPT are very keen that our peer support service reflects the communities we serve, and we are looking for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences which means we welcome people regardless of age, race, gender, ability/disability, sex and sexual orientation, religion or belief. Pregnancy, maternity, marriage or other relationship status are also not a barrier to application.

Requiring reasonable adjustments to participation should not be a barrier to applying, and this will be discussed with you.


More information/To apply

For more information about Peer Support and Peer Support Training, please contact us, by phone; 0116 295 0818 or by email;

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