Mill Lodge, Huntington's Disease Inpatient and Community Service

Mill Lodge is an inpatient unit for people with Huntington’s disease. The community service cares for people who have been diagnosed or are at risk of developing Huntington’s disease together with families and carers of people affected.

The inpatient unit has 14 beds with en suite bathrooms. It cares for people with Huntington’s disease with severe and enduring mental health needs who require complex care due to physical, psychiatric, behavioural and psychological needs or rehabilitation.

Referral criteria

Via HD referral form, letter or tel: 0116 295 1615

Criteria exclusion

None stated.

How to access this service

Access is by referral.

What conditions do you cover

Huntington’s disease

Contact info

0116 295 1615


  • consultant psychiatrist
  • genetics
  • GP
  • healthcare professional
  • self
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