Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have worked in a group arrangement since 2021.

During that time we have worked together on a range of initiatives including staff programmes, quality improvement work, strategy planning and more.

Each organisation has embraced the opportunity to collaborate on projects to the benefit of our staff and those we care for and work with.

In 2023 the group entered into a formal partnership with the University of Leicester to build on the existing relationship between our organisations to further develop the medical teaching, training, and health sciences research we provide to health professionals.

The new partnership will help us to create centres of academic excellence, grow our innovation and

build upon our reputation as excellent teaching and research delivery organisations.

It also means that Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust have now become Associate University Trusts, which is the first step towards us acquiring University Teaching Hospital status in the future.

As a result of the partnership, the group is now known as the Leicestershire Partnership and Northamptonshire Healthcare Associate University Group.

This does not mean our Trusts are merging, or that we will become one organisation. We are very clear on that.

For us, this evolution means that we have a unique and valuable opportunity to continue our strong relationship through an agreed formal way of working and one that allows the best of what we both do to continue to benefit our staff and those we care for.

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